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Coracle building is a fun test of ingenuity, construction skills and boatmanship. And maybe, just maybe your swimming!

Coracles are very simple vessels, consisting of a basketframe, a seat and a waterproof cover.

There are no hard and fast rules for their construction and as such, every coracle is unique. Measurements can be adapted to meet the needs of the user.

You must leave your normal lives behind and become a team of boat designers.

We can teach you all the technical stuff you need to know about building your own handmade boat from our Coracle construction kits.

We will then give you free reign to go wild with your designs – but remember that whatever you build, you will need to rigorously test in the balmy waters of the Upper Derwent!

Below is a link to a traditional coracle being used to fish for trout, will you be as successful? well that’s up to you.



What to expect on the day

  • 1
    Pick up from your accommodation or meet at the Glaramara Activity hub.
  • 2
    Get kitted out in appropriate gear for getting into a handmade boat.
  • 3
    Start by learning about what a coracle should be like.
  • 4
    You will get free reign on design and construction.
  • 5
    Once built we will take the coracle to a location on the upper Derwent River and test (often to destruction) by transporting you and your friends along the river.
  • 6
    Head back to Glaramara or your accommodation.


Here are some fantastic photos, why not join us and take your own.