We are an accommodation and outdoor activity provider which attempts to provide accessible facilities where practicable.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

  • A recently tarmaced drop off close to the main entrance has been created. Distance approximately 20 meters from main entrance.
  • Car park is reasonably level, gravel based.
  • Car park and drop off point are lit and free of obstruction. No designated parking.
  • One step up to slate terrace from drop-off point.
  • Three public entrances – all involve a further step up (edges painted white). One has double doors allowing for better wheelchair access. Side entrance has restricted access.
  • Assistance/porterage available.
  • Public bus drop-off at end of drive – some 100 meters from building.

Main Entrance, Reception & Ticketing Area

  • Floor level even throughout entrance and reception.
  • Bell available for use to gain entry.
  • Seating available close to reception. All immediate areas on same level.
  • Familiarisation tour available on request.
  • Standard overhead lighting in entrance hall and reception area.
  • Reception area has glass panelled door and glass panelled serving hatch at standing height.

Public Areas – Hall, Stairs, Landing, Corridors etc

  • Accessed by manually operated single width doors, some firedoors, some with glass features.
  • Standard overhead lighting with emergency lighting at night.
  • Width of stairwells (with handrails) in main house is 100cm. Width in annexe is 82cm.
  • Width of corridors in main house is 125cm. Width in annexe is 100 cm.

Public Areas – Sitting room, lounges, lobbies etc

  • No lifts or escalators. On two floors only. Standard handrails on stairs.
  • Flooring is a combination of natural finish, carpet and rugs.
  • Public telephone in ground floor of annexe at standing height. Chair provided.
  • Signage provided on doors and corridors.
  • All doors are manual and generally single width.

Public WCs

  • Non-slip stone flooring situated off main lounge, ground floor of main house.
  • Non-slip finish for 6 toilets situate on ground and first floor of annexe. Similarly, for toilets on first floor of main house.
  • Standard signage on doors and in corridors at eye level height of average able bodied person.
  • No emergency pull card nor response mechanism nor special adaptations to toilets or basins.
  • Width of approaches to WC’s adequate for wheelchair access save as to annexe showers/bathroom where corridor width reduces to 62 cm and door frame width are 55cm. Question mark over width of door frames and size of WC’s for such use.

Restaurant / Dining Room, Bar & Bar area, Take Away & Cafe

  • Non-smoking.
  • Wood flooring; level.
  • Moveable furniture, armless chairs in dining room. Chairs with arms and built in seating in bar area.
  • Uniform overhead and side lighting.
  • Both dining room and bar have entrances via swing doors off main lounge. Sufficient width for wheelchair access.
  • Waitress service in dining room. Table service available both in the bar and the main lounge.
  • WC is approximately 10 meters in distance.
  • Crockery, glassware, utensils and cutlery are industry standard.


  • A laundry room is availabel to guests. Machines are available for use with assistance of staff.
  • Lighting is good; provided by two strip lights.


  • There is no shop.

Treatment room’s

  • Not applicable.

Leisure Facilities

  • Not applicable.

Outdoor Facilities

  • See grounds and gardens below.

Conference & Meeting Rooms, Banqueting

  • Not applicable.

Clubs & Entertainment

  • Not applicable.

Bedrooms & Sleeping Areas

  • Ground floor annexe bedrooms available for wheel chair use subject to width of doors. Distance from reception to nearest bedroom is approximately 11 meters.
  • All bedrooms in annexe within maximum 10 meters from toilet. For upstairs main house the maximum distance is 17 meters.
  • No telephones, televisions, fridges, room service in bedrooms.
  • Carpeted, overhead and strip lighting.
  • Teamaking facilities including standard type mini-kettle.
  • Staff assistance/familiarisation always available.
  • Yale key operated at standard height. Latch on interior. Windows can be opened from inside.

Bathroom, Shower-room & WC [Ensuite or Shared]

  • Communal bathrooms, showers, toilets situated on first floor main house, ground and first floor annexe.
  • Tight approach to showers and bathroom in annexe.
  • Standard size doors.
  • As yet, no additional provisions or aids such as hoists, seat raiser or bath seat.
  • Non-slip laminate flooring.
  • One step up to showers.
  • See WC’s section above for more detail.

Self-Catering Kitchen

  • Not applicable.

Caravans, Holiday Homes & Twin Units

  • Not applicable.

Touring Facilities (Holiday Parks)

  • Not applicable.

Boats – Narrow Boat, Cruiser & Hotel Boat

  • Not applicable.

Attractions (Displays, exhibits, rides etc.)

  • Not applicable.

Grounds and Gardens

  • Countryside setting – largely grass. Tarmaced drive to public highway. No designated pathways other than around the immediate curtilage of the buildings. Outside benches available to guests.
  • Stream runs to front of building and adjacent to car park. Fully open, no protective measures in place.
  • Activities available range from informal use of the field to front – for football, rugby, rounders etc – to formal, supervised activities including archery and problem solving. Use of natural habitat and trees for physical activities, risk assessed.

Additional Information

  • Evacuation procedures are regularly monitored and practiced.

Future Plans

  • The position is constantly monitored according to legislation and regulation as well as to improve guest satisfaction. We welcome guest feedback.
  • Future building works and extensions planned which will include consideration and provision for better access.