Terms and Conditions

Booking Conditions

1. Preliminary

Save as otherwise expressly stated herein, these terms and conditions apply to all services offered by Glaramara (as hereafter defined) hereafter referred to as “The Event”

2. Definitions

In these terms and conditions the following expressions shall have the following meanings:

“Glaramara” means The Glaramara Centre operated by Admontes Ltd.

“The Client” means all persons specified in the Booking Form.

“Booking Form” means such form, confirmation, acknowledgement or otherwise as used by Glaramara from time to time

“The Contract” means the agreement between Glaramara and the Client in relation to the Event incorporating the Conditions and any amendments agreed in writing.

“The Conditions” means these 2010 booking terms and conditions, hereafter.

“The Event” means the programme of activities and/or courses agreed by Glaramara and the Client.

“The Scheduled Date” means the first date in relation to the Event.

3. Offer and Acceptance

3.1 This document shall constitute a quotation by Glaramara in relation to the Event subject to the Conditions. The completion and submission of a Glaramara booking form, by the Client together with full payment of the quoted price shall constitute an order by the Client subject to the Conditions. Glaramara may allow the Client to dispense with full payment of the quoted price at the time of booking and, as detailed on the booking from, accept a deposit sum instead. However, this is totally at the discretion of Glaramara

3.2 Payment must be made to Glaramara within 7 days of the date of submission of the completed booking form failing which it shall be deemed to have been withdrawn unless specifically agreed by Glaramara.

3.3 No variation waiver or supplement shall be binding on Glaramara unless expressly authorised by Glaramara and the Client in writing.

4. Cancellation by the Client

4.1 Where this Contract is cancelled by the Client 3 calendar months or less prior to the scheduled date of the Event then the following cancellation charges shall apply:

Notice of Cancellation % Confirmed Charges

3 calendar months or less but more than 28 days 50 %

28 days or less but more than 21 days 75 %

21 days or less but more than 7 days 90 %

7 days or less 100 %

4.2 For the purposes of these conditions ‘Confirmed Charges’ means the charges contained in the booking form submitted by the Client.

5. Cancellation by Glaramara

5.1 Glaramara shall have the right at any time (giving as much notice as possible to the Client) to cancel the Contract in the event that:

5.1.1 The Glaramara Centre or any part thereof is closed due to circumstances outside the control of Glaramara including (without limitation) by reason of fire, flooding, unavailability or interruption of water supply, fuel, heat, light or any other power supply or voluntary compliance with an order from a national or local authority or strikes, lockouts or staff shortage.

5.1.2 The Client is unable to pay his or her debts for whatever reason or is in arrears by more than 28 days for payments owed to Glaramara.

5.1.3 In the case of skills courses, there are insufficient numbers booked on the Event. This shall be a minimum of 4 persons but, in the case of, Private Climbing, Scrambling and Single Pitch Award Assessment it will be 2 persons.

5.2 If the Contract is cancelled by Glaramara any money paid by the Client will be returned save that Glaramara retains the right to deduct reasonable expenses incurred, if any, as a result of clause 5.1.1 above.

6. Payment of Charges

6.1 Where full payment of the quoted price has been made in advance, Glaramara requires any additional charges incurred during the Event to be paid immediately following the Event

6.2 Where full payment of the quoted price has not been made in advance, Glaramara requires the balance to be paid (together with any extra charges incurred) immediately following the Event

6.3 Glaramara reserves the right at any time without notice to withhold, vary or withdraw credit facilities.

7. Liability

7.1 Glaramara shall be liable to the Client during the Event for injury to persons or loss or damage to personal property only where and to the extent that such injury loss or damage is caused by the negligence of Glaramara employees or contracted staff. Save as aforesaid, Glaramara shall have no liability to the Client whatsoever.

7.2 The Client shall be liable (without limitation) for the acts or omissions of the Client, its guests or agents for any injury loss or damage suffered by Glaramara, its staff, contractors and other clients in relation to the Event.

7.3 The Client accepts responsibility for any damage or loss caused by any of its members. Full payment for any such damage or loss must be paid direct at the time to Glaramara or other supplier. If the Clients fails to do so, it will be responsible for meeting any claims subsequently made against Glaramara (together with each party’s full legal costs) as a result of the Clients actions. Glaramara expects all Clients to have consideration for other people. If in our reasonable opinion or in the reasonable opinion of any other person in authority, any person behaves in such a way as to cause or be likely to cause danger, upset or distress to any third party or damage to property, Glaramara is entitled, without prior notice, to terminate the Event of the person(s) concerned or we and the relevant person in authority (for example, a third party activity provider) can prevent that person(s) from continuing. In this situation, the person(s) concerned will be required to leave the Glaramara Centre or other service or activity area (as applicable). Glaramara will have no further responsibility toward such person(s) including any return travel arrangements. No refunds will be made and Glaramara will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the termination or curtailment.

8. Independent arrangements/excursions

If you purchase any third party optional activity that is not part of the Event, the contract for the provision of that activity will be between the Client and the activity provider. The decision to partake in any such activity is entirely at the Clients discretion and at your own risk. If the Client does have any complaint about, or problem with, any optional activity so purchased its claim should be directed to the activity provider and not Glaramara

9. Data Protection Policy

To ensure that the Event runs smoothly, including the need to comply with Health & Safety regulations, Glaramara needs to store and use information such as the Clients name and address, special needs, dietary requirements, etc. Glaramara will apply appropriate security measures to protect this data. However, Glaramara may need to supply it to security or credit checking companies, and to public authorities, where demanded. Glaramara will only pass data, including sensitive information regarding disabilities or dietary requirements, to people involved with an aspect of the Event in which Glaramara sub-contracts. When Glaramara make this booking, the Client consents to this information being passed to any such relevant people. Glaramara can supply a copy of such information so held; there is a small charge for providing this.

10. Photography/Promotional Images

Any likeness or image of you secured or taken during the Event may be used by Glaramara without charge in all media (whether now existing or in the future invented) for bona fide promotional or marketing purposes, including without limitation promotional materials of any kind, such as brochures, slides, video shows and the internet.

11. Contractual requirements

Once a contract comes into place the Client agrees to accept the authority and decisions of Glaramara employees, group leaders, agents and suppliers during the Event. If, in the opinion of any of these, the Clients health or conduct appears likely to endanger the progress of any part of the Event the person(s) may be excluded from the whole of, or a part of, it. In the case of ill-health Glaramara may make such arrangements as it deems necessary and recover the costs thereof from the Client. If the Client commits an illegal act Glaramara shall cease to have responsibility to or for the Client.

12. General

12.1. Glaramara will assume in the absence of specific written notice to the contrary issued by the Client, that all persons representing or purporting to represent the Client have the authority to enter into or vary the Contract and to bind the Client.

12.2 Save as the requirements specified in clause 13.2 below and contained on its website, Glaramara has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that information contained on its website, in brochures, tariffs or other promotional literature is accurate, the same shall not or be deemed to be a representation or warranty of the same.

12.3 No employee or agent of Glaramara may vary these conditions or offer any refund or discount on the published price without the written consent of a director of Glaramara.

Additional special terms and conditions

1. Health and other Requirements

1.1 In order to take part in the Event, all persons should be in good health and possess a reasonable basic level of fitness. Each person must complete and return a medical questionnaire prior to the Event. Any person failing to produce this will not be allowed to participate in the Event. In this situation Glaramara will not provide any refunds or compensation or pay any expenses which the Client may incur as a result. The Client must advise Glaramara prior to the Event of any disability, medical or behavioural problems affecting any of its members, which may affect him or her taking part in the Event.

1.2. There are certain minimum requirements for certain courses, training and assessment. Details are provided on the Glaramara website. By accepting this booking the Client certifies that it is able to satisfy these minimum requirements. If during the Event, minimum requirements cannot be met, Glaramara reserves the right to prevent the person(s) participating further in the relevant parts of the Event and will not provide any refunds or compensation or pay any expenses which the Client may incur as a result.

2. Variation to the Programme

In adverse weather conditions it may be necessary to substitute alternative activities of the same standard during the programme. No refund will be given.

3. Safety Regulations

3.1 Outdoor activities take place in varied natural environments where there are natural hazards and risks to manage. Every effort will be made by Glaramara to provide the training in a safe manner. The Client is expected to comply with all safety guidance and instructions given by Glaramara and its staff. Glaramara shall be entitled to prevent any person from participating in or completing the the Event if it deems the behaviour of any participant unsuitable.

3.2. The operation of the Centre at Glaramara is subject to statutory controls including those relating to fire, licensing, entertainment and safety of equipment which you must comply with. Additional Glaramara regulations and procedures also apply as advised separately during the Event.

3.3. All instructions given by Glaramara staff must be followed. You are expected to behave in a responsible and mature manner.

4. Insurance cover

Even though Glaramara carries full Public Liability Insurance, it is suggested that all participants in the Event consider their own personal accident policy that covers them for the activities undertaken. The public liability policy relates to injury or damage to person or property caused by Glaramara. It, therefore, for example, does not cover such things as personal accident, damage or destruction of personal belongings, cancellation charges (including loss of deposit) nor personal liability to a third party where the cause was not due to Glaramara. As a further example it, also, does not cover cancellation or curtailment of your course due to your illness or injury after booking a place. Contact should be made with an appropriate insurance adviser for advice on the additional cover required. Glaramara does not have a recommended product.

5. Watersports

Where you are participating in watersports as part of your Event, Glaramara uses the services of an organisation called Platty +. The following additional terms and conditions shall apply:

5.1 If you are using your own vehicle please park in the Mary Mount Hotel car park and register with the hotel porter telling him you are coming to Platty+ and he will issue you with a free permit to park. PLEASE PARK CONSIDERATELY.The gate to the Landings from the Lodore Hotel is locked. There is NO vehicle access.

5.2 If using the Male or Female changing rooms and toilets at the lakeside base, attention to all directions and signs must be adhered to.

5.3 Group Organisers/Leaders are expected to be present at all times and to take charge of the group on the shore.

5.4 Whilst on the water, instructors are in charge of the safety of the group. The instructors’ role is primarily that of providing outdoor activity instruction. If at any stage instructors feel that the behaviour of any member(s) of a group is compromising the safety of the session, then a group organiser/leader will intervene. If the situation cannot be corrected then Platty + reserves the right to stop the activity. In this situation, the Client will not be due any refund of payment.

5.5 Group Organisers/Leaders must advise an Instructor before if any participant is unable to swim.

5.6 Any incidents occurring whilst in the care of Platty+ must be reported to the instructor and an incident record made immediately on return to shore.

6. Via Ferrata

Where the Client is participating in the Via Ferrata as part of the Event, the following terms and conditions shall apply:

6.1 Glaramara reserves the right to refuse participation or to remove a participant from the Via Ferrata should it deem it necessary to do so. This includes a participant who does not comply with the safety systems and rules laid down by Honister Slate Mine
6.2 Participants are not permitted on the Via Ferrata without the supervision of an Instructor authorised by Glaramara. A participating adult must accompany under 16 year olds.
6.3 All participants on the Via Ferrata must be a minimum of 1m 30/ 4ft 3inches tall, a minimum of 10 years old and must weigh less than 20 stones/ 128kg with a waist (above the navel) measuring not more than 110cm/43 inches and thighs measuring not more than 70cm/27 inches
6.4 Wearing short or loose fitting shorts and tops are not recommended as harnesses can rub and chafe. In particular the following restrictions shall apply:

6.4.1 Long hair must be tied back so that it does not hinder the close fitting or straps of the helmet
6.4.2 Participants must wear footwear which surrounds and encloses the whole foot and has a good grip. No sandals, slip on shoes, open toed shoes or canvas/cotton shoes are permitted.
6.4.3 Waists must be covered and body piercings removed securely covered or taped over
6.4.4 Personal items such as rucksacks and drink bottles should be securely attached to the participant in such a way that they do not impede the harness or helmet
6.4.5 Glaramara is not responsible for any damage to or loss of clothing or other personal items resulting from participation on the Via Ferrata

6.5 No refunds or compensation will be payable or permitted by Glaramara in the event that any participant is not permitted to or decides not to undertake or complete the Via Ferrata for the reasons set out in this clause